Graphite is a 3D printing consultancy that specialises in building complex designs and high-performance components in tailored materials.

Graphite Additive Manufacturing is a 3D printing consultancy for companies that want to make more of the potential of additive manufacturing. We work closely with engineers, model makers, industrial designers and product designers to test concepts, improve designs, cut production costs and solve complex design challenges.

Reliable – 99.45% parts shipped on time in the last 6 months

Flexible – We can build in part volumes between 1 and 10,000

Precise – We orientate each part for optimum surface quality and accuracy as standard

Consistent – We build and measure calibration parts on every build

Fast – 90% of parts can be produced within 3 days

What makes us different to other 3D print bureaus?

At Graphite we don’t just build parts and prototypes: we are working to develop industry-leading expertise in plastic 3D printing technologies and materials.
Central to what we do is advising our clients on how to adapt their designs to maximise the strength, weight or cost-saving gains that 3D printing can offer them. We also collaborate on finding solutions to complex applications and tailoring our materials so that our clients can be certain that their parts will be fit for purpose.

Quality, confidentiality and customer satisfaction

Quality, confidentiality and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities. We pride ourselves on taking absolute care at all stages of production, from machine set-up all the way through to packaging. Our attention to detail, quality, accuracy and competitive pricing have been proven by our success in supplying parts to the UK’s motorsport industry.

Meet The Team

An engineer with over 18 years' experience passionately innovating at the cutting edge of 3D printed technologies.

Kevin Lambourne,Managing Director, Graphite Additive Manufacturing

An automotive development engineer with extensive experience developed within Formula One and the Automotive industry.

Neil Furber, Technical Sales Engineer, Graphite Additive Manufacturing

A strongly customer-focused communicator with excellent attention to detail developed within the digital marketing industry.

Keith Haynes, Project Manager, Graphite Additive Manufacturing

Graphite Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing consultancy and manufacturing for designers and engineers

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