Functional Prototypes and Test Parts

Before committing to expensive mass production runs, building a functional prototype is a sensible and necessary stage of the development process. Using 3D printing we can build parts in a wide range of materials to mimic the final end-use material for both functionality and surface finish.

Snap-fits, screw threads, flexible lugs and locking devices can all be built in to the parts. This allows you to test the full functionality of either individual parts or complete product mock-ups, making sure that a design is fit for purpose.

We regularly build mechanical test parts and verify data with a tensile testing machine. This ensures that our published 'real world' figures are accurate and repeatable. This regular testing keeps Graphite’s machines fine-tuned for peak performance.

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How much will a functional prototype cost?

The cost to build a functional prototype is generally determined by the size of the part, not its complexity. As an example, an iPhone sized part would cost around £30, whereas an iPad- sized part would be £240.
Every part is different though, so for an accurate quote – usually returned within 1 hour – send us your CAD files using our request a quote form.

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