Graphite builds parts for Formula One wind-tunnel test cars and also produces numerous functional parts for on-car use in both F1 and other race series.

3D printing technology is deeply ingrained in the motorsport industry, and race teams in many different formulae benefit from the competitive advantage it can provide.


Motor racing teams, originally Formula 1 – as the leading edge, have been early adopters of 3D printing / additive manufacturing, for both test parts and functional on-car components. Graphite run Ceramic-like SLA materials to build stable, super-smooth body sections for wind-tunnel model cars, supplying them to Formula 1 teams and their engineering off-shoots. Graphite’s Carbon SLS material is the “gold-standard” for functional race car parts, with typical applications being ducts, brackets wings and brake caps. We also supply tooling solutions to aid in composite part production. Graphite are involved in all levels of competitive motorsport, supplying parts to university-based, Formula Student teams at one end of the spectrum and the Bloodhound SSC world land speed record project at the other extreme.

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