Product Design

We support industrial and product designers in developing and testing their designs for consumer products ranging from hearing aids to washing machines.

By offering materials that mimic ABS and polypropylene, and others that are immensely strong and light we can build concept models and working prototypes with finishes that range from glass-like transparency through to gold plating.


Additive manufacturing has become the perfect go-to technology for product designers, industrial designers and model makers of all types. With the ability to build detailed representations of individual components for fit, form and function prototypes, combined with the variety of different materials and surface finishes offered, Graphite has been able to assist designers at all stages of their creative process. The strength and stiffness of our SLS materials mean we are now also able to produce short run production parts – giving the added advantage to the designer of being able to design specifically for the technology.

Graphite Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing consultancy and manufacturing for designers and engineers

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