Finishes for 3D builds

Our 3D printing finishes range from a basic finish all the way through to specialist hand-finishing or plating parts with gold.

Basic Finish
Parts are cleaned and any support material is removed. Build layer lines will still be visible.

Cosmetic Finish
Parts are cleaned then bead-blasted to give a more uniform surface appearance and mask build layer lines.

Sanded Finish
Parts are cleaned and sanded smooth by hand to remove build layer lines where required.

Parts are given a Sanded Finish then primed or painted to your specifications.

Clear – Lacquered
Parts made of Clear ABS-like SLA are sanded and then lacquered to give a clearer transparent appearance.

Clear – Polished
Parts made of Clear ABS-like SLA can be further sanded and then polished to a glass-like finish and provide higher optical clarity.

Parts made of certain materials can be sealed to make them water or solvent resistant and improve the surface finish.

Metal Plated
To add significant surface hardness and stiffness, and give the appearance of a solid metal part, components made using Ceramic SLA can be thinly coated in gold, silver or nickel.

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